Top 10 Photos

I only started Invisible Cities in August but thought that the end of 2012 would be a good time to do a top 10.

10 Birds on a Ziggurat


Some great paintings of birds on the walls of a condemned library in Birmingham

9. Art in Angel


There is so much great street art in Angel (London). Stay tuned in 2013 for more posts like this one

8. Shelter in the rain


This is what you can find when you look around a corner in London

7. Book Bar


The Swan & Edgar is hard to find but worth the effort if you like books

6. Lost in Many Books


There is nothing quite like the experience of wandering through an enormous maze of books

5. Stairs


A beautiful staircase with an interesting history

4. Gaffer’s Office


Amazing opportunity to explore the private office of Sir Basil Blackwell

3. Giant Water Lily


They look like they should be in a fairy tale but they are actually in the Oxford University Botanic Garden

2. The Bar that Spins


The Carousel Bar in New Orleans is an excellent place for a drink (if you don’t mind the room spinning)

1. Ice Palace


The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is rather amazing but it is even better when they build an ice rink against the walls in the winter


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