Memorial at Donnington Bridge




A 15-year-old boy called Hussain Mohammed died after jumping from Donnington Bridge in May 2012. His friends transformed a neglected wall under the bridge into a memorial mural. Hussain’s name is painted in English and Arabic.



4 responses to “Memorial at Donnington Bridge

  1. Hello, Michelle. How would you feel about me using your image of the Hussein Mohammad memorial at Donnington Bridge on a blog post? My blog, Poor Rude Lines covers contemporary poetry (john I do not make any money with it, so cannot pay you, but I would, of course give your photo a credit and would link back to your excellent blog.
    All best wishes,

    • Hi John – Thanks for checking. You can keep the photo on your blog post and a link would be great (would you mind just changing the spelling of my name to Phillips?) I enjoyed reading your post on the river. M

  2. Hi Michelle, many thanks. This is very kind of you, and apologies for misspelling your surname 😦

    I actually revisited the bridge today and photographed the memorial for myself… my other three images were all taken from the same spot and, for the sake of the look of the post, I thought that perhaps the final shot ought to be taken from there too.

    I used to live on a boat very close to the bridge and have known that stretch of river intimately since 1993. I wish that I had kept a better photographic record, as it has seen a lot of superb graffiti in that time.

    Sadly, I only decided to start recording it rather late in the day. (I thought that there might be a feature on the bridge for a paper). I contacted the President of St Edmund Hall’s boat club, as they had a particularly nice piece on the wall where Hussain’s memorial is now and, not only did they refuse to comment but they whitewashed the wall pretty quickly afterwards too. I can’t imagine that the police were ever interested in the graffiti down there – it seemed like a city institution at the time. Interestingly, however, I have never seen any college rowing graffiti down there since…

    With all best wishes,


    • Hi John, no problem about the surname – I was happy that you asked and credited the photo. Great to hear from someone who knows that part of the river so well. I took that photo on an early evening walk when the sun was starting to set and the graffiti was glowing in the light. I was disappointed to hear your story about the whitewashing.

      Best wishes,


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